How To Write your Resume

All of us knows the difficulties when writing a resume before applying for a job and how much pressure it makes to us, that is the most terrifying time in our career it should be easy so we have come to you with this guideline to make you know what you are doing.

What Is a Resume?

Before we start drafting a resume or as most of people call it curriculum vitae C.V, we should know that Resume is a paper that summarize all your career into paper such as: work history, education, and skills. You cannot apply for a job without a resume while it is the most required document in any vacancy followed by the cover letter. So, let us explain to you how to draft a resume.

Resume Structure

 When you draft your resume you must know what’s the structure of your resume, mostly the resume must contains: personal information, Experience, Skills, Education, and References as we mentioned in many articles your resume must show your best in 15 seconds for the recruiters that the time the spend to scan your resume, so here we highly recommend you to start with your experiences, then your skills because these two sections are the most important sections to the employers and their recruiters they do not want to hear where have you studied as much as they want to hear what you have achieved in your last 24 months and why you are an added value to their organization if they hired you. Make it simple with clean design.

1. Personal Information

You should write this in the header as it’s shown in the template write your name, City & Country, phone Number we highly advise to write two phone numbers to allow recruiters to contact you easily in case you have one of your phone number out of the coverage or switched off, then write down your E-mail when setting up an email make sure to write your name with last name, mid name, or any suggestion the e-mail provider gives you just remember to avoid nick names show the recruiter you are a professional.


2. Experience:

We advise applicants to show their experience before their education while this is the most important for recruiter they want to know whether you are qualified for the opening position or to see the next application while the time they spend in scanning your resume is only 15 seconds so make it attractive. if you do not have that much of experience or you still a graduate student you can read our advises in How to get a job you’re under qualified for?. According Peter Yang “If your work experience is more relevant to the position for which youre applying—or if your education doesnt match the positions requirements—then your degree should be placed at the bottom of your resume. But if your GPA is sure to wow, or you’re a recent graduate without much experience, put your degree toward the top. In other words, structure your resume in a way that makes sense for you—and that shows off your strongest assets for the specific job for which youre applying.”


3. Skills & Training:

In Skills part write all the skills that makes you more attractive than the other candidates here focus in the skills that meets the job position you are applying to. Regarding to the training part remember that every training course you mention related to the job position is a plus.


4. References:

It’s recommended to mention two persons for references when applying for a job either your previous supervisor or your professor in the university.

Here are some templets that will help you in writing your coming resume.